Exhibition Stands

Eventino – Exhibition Stand Makers, offers strategic objective oriented planning, innovative development and design, and execution of events that are tailor made to make the event memorable and entertaining. Projects are executed with precise integration of diverse creative, technical and production talents to ensure that the result is maximized within the parameters of time and budget. Our services range from road shows, trade shows, product and company launches, corporate events and infotainment communication.

Marketing Promotions

Eventino prides in enabling informed decision- making that help in identifying the right customer to achieve maximum results. Our marketing surveys, mystery shopping and advanced marketing strategies aid in providing a 360 degree view of the target audience and their behavior. As an industry leader our use of data and analytics provide insights that help maximize revenue and improve response rates.

Staffing services

The belief in the ability of people is the core philosophy that we adhere to. This enables us to help unite the right person to the right kind of job. The distinction of our work is mirrored in our people. We source and recruit specialist people for each campaign, ensuring that the unique skills match the requirement. The diversity and size of our database guarantee that the staff requirements for each campaign, each job is meticulously scanned, and the right person is in place.

Design & Printing

Graphic design refers to the aesthetic and professional presentation of a company capabilities and goals before the business prospects. The purpose of professional graphic designing, however, is to express a business/individual specialty clearly and effectively to the end use/customer. Professional graphic designer, helping you to stay prominent on web .